Emergency Contacts
Emergency Safety Procedures
Bomb Threats
Medical Emergency
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Emergency Safety Procedures
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After Hours Emergency Contact List

In case of emergency, security personnel may be required to contact someone in your office. Please fill out the Emergency Contact Form and return it to the Management Office at your earliest convenience.

On-line Fire and Life Safety Training Presentation

The custom multimedia presentation includes life safety information that is specific to your building and geographical location. The objective of the presentation is to provide you with essential information that will help you during a crisis event.

In an effort to maximize your learning experience, this presentation integrates digital images, 3D graphics, voice narration, and text. The duration of the presentation is approximately 30 minutes in length but you can pause, rewind and forward as desired. This presentation is available for your access 24/7. To view the presentation log onto 875northmichiganavenue.com, click the Tenant Resources tab at the top of the page and then click on Life Safety.

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