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The following is a list of suggestions which will help secure your office (continued):

  • Be sure to see that any combination is thoroughly mixed when closing a vault or safe. Do not leave a memorandum of vault or safe combinations on desks.
  • Building Management is not responsible for loss of Tenants' personal property. Personal items should be locked in a secure area at night or whenever an employee is away from his/her desk for an extended length of time.
  • Building Management will notify all Tenants in memorandum form of all holiday closings of the Management Office and other important information as needed.

In addition, all personnel working after hours and on weekends must use their keycard upon entrance. Tenants should be sure that their personnel who work these off hours understand that they are to sign the building register, if no keycard is available to them. For added safety, please notify Building Security whenever someone will be working late in the office.

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