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Telephone Service

The coordination of the installation/relocation of your telephone system is the sole responsibility of the Tenant and is not included in any part of your premises construction costs. It requires a three-step process to be completed by the Tenant outlined below:

Contact your local phone vendor

Immediately following the execution of your lease document with 875 North Michigan Avenue, contact your local phone vendor (i.e. AT&T, Cypress, etc.) and inform them of your desire to bring service to your new location. It is imperative to schedule a date as soon as possible to prevent any delays in telephone service. Local phone service providers can sometimes take up to two months to complete an installation. The service provider will bring the necessary telephone cabling up to 875 North Michigan Avenue’s 16th floor (the “net-pop” room).

Contact the Office of the Building

Upon scheduling a date with your local phone vendor for cable installation to the “net-pop” room on the 16th floor, the Tenant must contact the Office of the Building to:
a) inform the Office of the Building of your installation date with your local phone vendor and
b) The Office of the Building will then contact the building’s cable management company; Infrastructure Management Group (IMG). IMG manages the risers for 875 North Michigan Avenue and is the only vendor that is allowed to install cable to the Tenant suite from the 16th floor. There is a charge for the completion of this service.

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