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The Illinois Legislature amended the Clean Indoor Air Act, resulting in the prohibition of smoking in private offices unless properly designated as smoking areas.

The public's concerns about smoking in the workplace are well documented. The American Lung Association reports that on a national average, two out of three Americans do not smoke and that a vast majority of those individuals strongly prefer to work in a smoke free environment. We believe that 875 North Michigan Avenue’s Tenants reflect the majority of Americans' desire to work in an area free from secondary or passive smoke.

As a result of the above, 875 North Michigan Avenue prohibits smoking in all common areas of the building. This no smoking policy therefore applies to all common areas on all floors including floor lobbies and restrooms. The no smoking policy also applies to the main lobby and all common areas of the ground floor, including restrooms.

875 North Michigan Avenue security personnel will remind individuals who smoke in common areas that such activity is prohibited.

We are confident that this no smoking policy will serve the common interests of all of 875 North Michigan Avenue’s Tenants. We ask for your cooperation in complying with the no smoking policy. If you have any questions, please direct them to the Office of the Building at 312.794.7777. Thank you.

Smoking is prohibited in the following common areas of the building:

  • All elevator lobbies and corridors
  • All restrooms
  • The main lobby and entrances
  • All storage and janitorial areas
  • All vacant areas
  • The Garden Plaza
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